5 Moldova's Stunning Celebrities

5 Moldova’s Stunning Celebrities

1. Olga Kent

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Meet Olga Kent, a remarkable model and actress known for her work with top brands and appearances in fashion magazines.

Before her fame, she won the Miss Transnistria title. Did you know that Olga Ken even became a reference model for Barbie dolls?

She is happily married to Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Gandini and has acted alongside Christian De Sica in a film.

2. Xenia Deli

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Xenia Deli is a model born in Moldova, now living in Los Angeles. She has been on magazine covers like Elle and Sports Illustrated.

She also starred in music videos, including Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” She started her modeling career after a photographer discovered her.

Xenia speaks Russian, English, and Romanian. She married an Egyptian millionaire in 2016. In addition to modeling, she has a passion for acting and wants to be in movies.

3. Lia Sinchevici

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Lia Sinchevici is a Romanian actress from Moldova.

She studied acting at the Romanian National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography.

Known for her comedy roles in popular Romanian comedy shows and sitcoms, she has also appeared in foreign movies.

Lia’s early videos have millions of views on YouTube and have been sold worldwide

4. Mikaela Lupu

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Mikaela Lupu is a Portuguese actress born in Moldova.

She became famous for her roles in TV shows like “Morangos com Açúcar” and “A Impostora.” Mikaela started her career in 2011 and played various characters in different shows.

She moved to Portugal at a young age and her parents worked as crane operators.

5. Valeriia Karaman

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Valeriia Karaman is a talented Moldovan actress and model.

She has appeared in notable films like “The Lighthouse,” “Egregor,” and “Optimus Gang.” Valeriia is also a successful model, signed with various talent agencies.

She has showcased her skills in the stylish video “Diesel – Keep the World Flawed” and other promotional works.







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